10 Alternatives Uses For Aluminium Foil

Silver foil can be used for many things besides wrapping up sandwiches and baked potatoes (not that there's anything wrong with that, of course). But with a bit of creative thinking you can employ this handy metallic stuff in all sorts of money saving ways. Here are a few suggestions that may just save you a few pennies.

Ironing done in half the time

Instead of having to iron two sides of your clothes, try this handy little trick involving unfurling a length of silver foil across your ironing board. First of all, unroll a length of silver foil across the length of the board, then place your clothes as you usually would for ironing on top of the silver foil, then as you iron you'll notice your clothes are miraculously ironed on both sides. You'll get your ironing effectively done in half the time! The silver foil reflects the heat applied from the iron enabling you to iron two sides at once. This can save you plenty of time when you've got loads of ironing to do and could practically halve the time it takes you to complete this usually onerous chore. With a length of silver foil, you can get the job done quickly and just as good as the conventional way.

Get a better picture on your TV

Due to static electricity passing between your TV and DVD player, the picture can become rather fuzzy due to electromagnetic fields interfering with each other. This is particularly the case when the devices are stacked on top of each other or close by. You can use a piece of silver foil to cut down the levels of interference by placing a sheet of foil between the DVD player the TV set. The presence of the silver foil will significantly diminish the electromagnetic fields from both devices interfering with each other and ruining your viewing pleasure. It might be another electric device other than a DVD player by the way. Any electronic device emits electromagnetic fields and, if near the TV, could give you a crackly picture. The silver foil will act to separate the two electromagnetic fields leaving you to enjoy the program.

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