10 Cans Of Coca-Cola A Day: The Amazingly Negative Health Effects

Most of us are well aware that consuming too much soda is bad for our health. These drinks contain copious amounts of sugar and carbohydrates alongside significant levels of fat.
Of course, there have been numerous scientific studies performed over the years and they have proven the negative effects that excess soda consumption can have upon our bodies. It is still interesting to note that the physical impact upon the human system in a real-time scenario is rarely seen. As the production of these drinks by manufacturers such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi is on the rise, it is important to appreciate just how dangerous such beverages can be. One man set out to illustrate this in a dramatic fashion.

Ten Cans of Coca-Cola: The Dangers of the Sweet Tooth

Los Angeles resident George decided to drink no less than ten cans of Coca-Cola every day for a period of one month. Ten Cans of Coca-Cola: The Dangers of the Sweet Tooth While this may seem like a significant amount, this figure should be put in perspective. A recent study performed by Yale University illustrated that nearly half of all Americans drink soda on a daily basis. Of those who drink it, the average amount consumed is 2.6 cups. This equates to just under one litre (1). If these figures are tallied up on a yearly basis, the conclusion suddenly becomes clear. Although the study performed by Mr. Prior represented only a small majority of soft drink consumers, its results will still take you by surprise.

Increased Bodyweight

It is a well-known fact that soft drinks contain mostly empty calories. In other words, there are few nutrients within such products. They are instead laden with processed sugars, carbohydrates, fat and a host of other preservatives and colourants. Increased Bodyweight The body has a very difficult time digesting these substances and as a result, the bulk tends to be stored as fat. In the case of Mr. Prior, his bodyweight rose from 168 pounds (76 kilograms) to 190 pounds (86 kilograms) in only a single month. We can only imagine how these figures would increase if he had chosen to adopt this lifestyle for a year or more!
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