10 Celebrities And Their Insane Weight Loss Techniques - 'You Are What You Eat'



Glamourous singer Byoncé is a keen and much publicised advocate of the Master Cleanse Diet which she took up when she needed to lose weight after being cast for her role in the Dreamgirls film (2006). This weight losing technique is a liquid only regime of drinking lemonade, water and laxatives. Wanting to lose weight for the role so much she would start her day with four cups of salt water, followed by a tasty glass of lemon juice, and then throughout the day drink a further five glasses of lemon juice, finishing off her fine dining with a salt-water flush and a herbal laxative for desert. Sounds great (can you sense any sarcasm here?). She could vary this ten day 650 calorie diet with fresh lemon or lime juice, or maple syrup with a touch of cayenne pepper and water.


The modern day trend for dieting to achieve thinner physiques and secure acting roles isn't confined to the women of the profession. Ashton Kutcher followed a diet similar to that of the character he was to portray in the film JOBS (2013) with dire consequences. The Apple co-founder Steve Jobs followed a crazy Fruitarian diet consisting mainly of fruit with a sprinkling of nuts thrown in. Sometimes he would go so far as to eat only apples and carrots for weeks at a time. Ashton taking his role very seriously, and wishing to achieve the same 'manorexic' skinny appearance as the famous entrepreneur, copied his diet and ended up in hospital. Nevertheless, he did lose 16 pounds in weight. The Fruitarian diet is not a balanced diet as it only relies on the one food group. This technique is likely to lead to nutrient deficiencies, be injurious to your immune system, and is high in sugar with generally no protein or fat.
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