10 Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Lip Injections.


Famous people want to look beautiful and young as long as possible. So, they prefer to use the modern face rejuvenation procedures. That is why plastic surgery is extremely popular among celebrities. Here, we will tell you about 10 celebrities who have admitted to lip injections.

1 - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a celebrity, who often uses the services of cosmetic doctors. Despite the fact that Lady Gaga is young, she has already had a lot of face rejuvenation procedures in the past. Lady Gaga has changed her nose, chin, face and lips. She always wants to be herself and likes to look different. 10 Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Lip InjectionsLady Gaga changes the forms of her face as frequently as she changes her costumes. She began to undergo plastic surgery with rhinoplasty in 2008. However, she says that she is not happy with her experience. Today, Lady Gaga looks like she has never looked before. Many people say that her lip injections were unsuccessful. She tried Juvéderm injections. Lady Gaga looks like a horse after the procedure. Obviously, it is better for Lady Gaga to stop her experiments with appearance. They can cause a lot of damage to her in the future.

2 - Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is one of the first celebrities, who had lip injections. She is a pioneer. Jessica got lip injections about ten years ago in the middle of her 20s. The next year Jessica told to Glamour magazine about her experiments with her lips. However, it was a very bad experiment. 10 Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Lip InjectionsJessica pointed out that she were very disappointed with the results of lip injections. As Jessica noted, she wanted to try Restylane stuff. Nevertheless, she didn’t like how her lips looked in the end. Jessica lips were unnatural and fake after the procedure. Thanks God her lips had their normal shape in a few months. It goes without saying that Jessica’s lip injections were unsuccessful. She looked much better before the procedure. Today, her lips are still pretty full. So, it is better for Jessica Simpson to avoid any other experiments with her lips in the future.
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