10 Creative Ways To Make Your Home Better

Functional and subtle storage space is a must for any home to keep it looking welcoming and tidy. If you like to bring a certain creative flair to everything you do, there are a number of ways you can keep your house looking neat and embark on some fun little projects at the same time. Here are just a few creative suggestions for tidying up your home.

1. DIY Floating shelves

This not only offers a great storage solution, but can also put use to any empty walls in your home that have been irritating you. Simply buy a few wooden boards with a good, sturdy size; 2″ x 10″ x 8′ should suffice, along with a large sheet of plywood or similar material, a nail gun and some recommended wood glue, and you’ll be ready to set up a few great looking shelves. If you’re not accustomed to carrying out your own DIY projects, the idea of this can seem a little daunting, but installations like this are really some of the simplest pieces of woodwork to achieve. The process involves sawing off and fixing the wood boards in a three-pronged “E” shaped frame, then gluing a flat board to the top, and a sheet of plywood to the bottom after fixing them to your wall. After a lick of a stylish wood stain, you’ll be surprised at how great they look!

2. Sliding storage space for the garage roof

Like many people, you may find that your garage is the main place in your house where clutter builds up over time. A lot of this may comprise of Christmas decorations, camping gear, and spare bedding; stuff you hardly ever use but can’t throw away, which is making every time you get in your car an ordeal. Running with the DIY theme, here’s another fairly easy job you can do to clear up a little more clutter. This idea is a lot simpler than the floating shelves, and only requires a few strong, plastic crates with nice wide brims, plywood and some two by fours. Simply measure the crates and mark their width on your ceiling, then fix the two by fours along with strips of plywood to form a pair of rails which the crate can slide along.

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