10 Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes


1. Unexplained Weight Loss

High blood sugar levels can also cause rapid and unexpected weight loss because your body is not absorbing glucose properly. When the glucose (sugars) are excreted by excessive urinating, it is not stored in the cells for energy. This decreases the amount of calories and can lead to sudden unhealthy loss of weight. This constant excretion of sugar through urinating can also cause increased hunger. So if you are always hungry and eating, why do you lose weight? That’s because you can’t compensate for the calories that you lose. Once you start controlling your blood sugar and making it more balanced, you could put weight back on. So it’s important if you lose 10 to 20 pounds unexpectantly over a few months that you should contact your doctor. A blood test can determine if you have diabetes and treatment can begin to balance your insulin levels.

2. Excessive Thirst and Frequent Urination

A warning sign of Type 2 diabetes is an overwhelming urge to urinate. So if you frequently need to empty your bladder, particularly during the night, it could be a red flag. When someone has diabetes, their body is less efficient at breaking food down into sugar and as a result they have extra sugar in their blood. This makes their kidneys work harder to rid the blood of that sugar. The kidneys can’t keep up with filtering the sugar from the body and the extra sugar (glucose) is flushed out in the urine. The harder the kidneys have to work, the more a person will need to urinate. Excessive thirst goes hand in hand with this because as you urinate more, you lose more fluids and this leads to dehydration. The body will try to replace that lost fluid and you will want to drink more.
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