10 Effects Of Using A Microwave Oven


The effect of microwaves

Microwave ovens are present in millions of kitchens across the world and add speed and convenience to our lives, but could they also be damaging our health? "Microwaves", the form of electromagnetic radiation as opposed to the microwave you have in your kitchen, fall at the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum, just above radio waves. They are used for a variety of different functions, such as curing rubber and resins, raising bread, sending phone communications, and of course, in our domestic microwave ovens. As they can be reflected by metal, can pass through glass, paper and plastic, and can be absorbed by foods, they are ideal for the cooking and heating of food. Exposure to high levels of "microwaves" can lead to burns, radiation sickness and other health issues, but the levels emitted by microwave ovens are unlikely to reach these dangerous levels.

Dangers of microwave radiation

Although it is unlikely that the levels of "microwaves" we are exposed to from usage of our microwave ovens can cause any serious health issues, here are some of the possible effects of exposure to higher levels of the radiation. Certain areas of the body are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature; for example, exposure to high levels of radiation from "microwaves" can be damaging to the eyes and can lead to cataracts developing.10 effects of using a microwave oven Male reproductive organs can also be damaged, with high levels of "microwaves" potentially causing a man to become sterile. "Microwaves" can also affect your heart health, causing irregularity in your heart rate. The effects of exposure to "microwaves" at lower levels, such as those emitted by microwave ovens are less clear, although scientific investigations have been conducted around the topic.

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