10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Eggs


10 - Checking if an Egg is "Off"

Thousands of individuals throughout the United Kingdom become sick every year as a result of a bad egg (no pun intended). As opposed to simply looking at the expiration date, fill a bowl full of lukewarm water. Place the eggs intended to be cooked in this water. Those which are good will sink to the bottom. Any that float to the top should be considered to be bad. This arises from the fact that the bacteria present within the egg will produce gas. In turn, this gas makes the egg more buoyant than it would normally be. To make sure that the egg is bad, form a slight hole in the shell and see if there is any odour. If there is even the slightest of smells, it is a good idea to throw it away.

9 - The Colour of the Yolk Does Not Signal an Expired Egg

There are many who believe that if the colour of the egg yolk appears strange, it is a signal that the egg may not be safe to eat. In this case, we must remember is part of the placenta that was intended to feed the infant chick. Its colour will vary depending upon the diet that the chicken had when the egg was developing. Should the yolk appear dark yellow, it is likely that the animal was fed dark green vegetables. If it is medium, the hen ate alfalfa and corn. A very light yolk indicates a diet mainly based off of grains such as barley and wheat. However, the yolk will not taste any different regardless of the colour observed.
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