10 Female Celebrities Who Have Ruined Their Faces With Botox


Nicole Kidman

As one of Hollywood’s top rated actresses, Nicole Kidman has shown a big facial change over the past couple of decades. In her big break, Days of Thunder, she was fresh faced, with healthily rounded but not overly plump cheeks, freckles, a mop of auburn curls and most importantly, eyebrows that moved. 10 Female Celebrities Who Have Ruined Their Faces With Botox Fast forward nearly 15 years, through many movies and a marriage or two and the star’s appearance in the Grace of Monaco promos had tongues wagging more than ever. Her frozen, puffy features set the media alight with rumours of botox use. At this point Nicole was still denying having had any work done but later in 2014 she admitted she had tried it and since stopped. Recent appearances aren’t convincing us though, her face still has the unnatural shiny quality associated with botox. Has she stopped or is it just a bad case of irreversible damage?

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue, the teeny Aussie pop princess had that enviable girl next door beauty. Before she shot to fame with her catchy pop tunes she was perky and sweet as Charlene in Aussie soap, Neighbours. Her cute yet sexy looks translated well to the music scene and after a dry spell, her return in 2000 with Spinning Around catapulted her into the fantasies of many a man. 10 Female Celebrities Who Have Ruined Their Faces With BotoxIn recent years however, she’s been sporting a rather shiny waxy look indicating an overuse of botox. Initially her light face work looked good, more of a gentle preservation as she headed for middle age but the extended use of botox has started to give her a pretty unrealistic looking face, at one point sporting quite the botox vein in her forehead. The eagle eyed amongst us have also picked up on her rogue eyebrow, hinting at the possibility of a face lift too.
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