10 Herbs To Help You Detox.


1 - Dandelion

Parts of the dandelion have been used for centuries to promote good health. The plant can assist in ensuring good bowel regularity while also ensuring that the body is properly hydrated and is also believed to help boost the performance of your immune system. 10 Herbs To Help You Detox In terms of use for detoxification, its primary benefit comes from the fact that it promotes bile production, and bile transports potentially harmful toxins from the body. This is especially beneficial to the liver, while good hydration should be considered an integral part of any detoxification programme or plan. Packed with iron, potassium, zinc, and most beneficial vitamins, this plant which is often treated as a weed can be used to make a detox tea and is also found in a number of capsules, tablets, and supplements. Bulk root chunks can be bought and used to create your own detox tea or tincture.

2 - Milk Thistle

Often found in capsules with dandelion, milk thistle is another herb that is especially beneficial to the liver. The seeds of the plant contain the active ingredient of silymarin, and can be bought from health shops and online in order to be used to create a tincture or tea. 10 Herbs To Help You Detox The silymarin is another substance, like dandelion, that helps the body produce healthy amounts of bile and also ensures that the bile is properly transported between the gall bladder and the liver. This not only promotes a healthy liver, and can help to prevent damage, but it can also be used to help detoxify. As well as being able to purchase organic milk thistle seeds, you can also buy pills and extracts that contain dosages of up to 1,000mg, although most people that take the herb will take approximately 300mg daily in order to promote improved liver function.

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