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10 Positive Action Tips For People Who Suffer From The Pain Of Headaches.


10 - Think about the foods you eat

Occasionally the headaches we suffer are caused by something we have eaten. These trigger foods are most often identified as chocolate, red wine, cheese or coffee. Each of these products contain naturally occurring substances called vasoactive amines, these release histamine (amongst other compounds) and can cause dilation in blood vessels, which, in some people, increases tension in the head and leads to a throbbing headache. Over indulgence may also be a problem, if you drink more than five cups of coffee a day, you are ingesting the equivalent of 340mg of caffeine. At that level it can become somewhat addictive and the headache you suffer if you’ve missed your daily dose is a withdrawal symptom. Whenever you experience a headache after eating, it may be worth noting what you ate and keeping a record. When you know which foods could be to blame, it’s far easier to avoid future headaches.

9 - Experience an essential oil massage

An essential oil massage can be performed on many areas of your body, from your temples to your hands or back. Aromatherapists generally recommend three different oils for head pain, Roman Chamomile, which acts as a muscle relaxant, Clary Sage, to calm the heart rate and Lavender, a natural form of pain relief. To use any essential oil in massage you need a carrier such as Sweet Almond Oil. Add two drops of the essential oil to 5ml of the carrier and massage into the skin, allowing the soothing floral scent to circulate. Aromatic oils work on your olfactory system, otherwise known as your sense of smell. Once detected by your central nervous system, your body quickly feels the benefits of these natural remedies. If you would prefer to add an essential oil to your bathwater, five or six drops will be just as effective in treating your headache. A soak of no longer than 20 minutes is best.

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