10 Things That Cause Cellulite And What You Can Do About It!


1. Stress

When you are stressed, your heart rate is increased and this restricts the flow of blood around your body, in particular the arms and legs. A restricted circulation means that blood can't get to where it is needed and unnecessary fats and toxins cannot be removed from your body, this contributes to the appearance of cellulite. Ten Causes Of CelluliteStress can also make you tired, which also affects how your cellulite looks because being tired is likely to make you more inactive than normal.
For someone who is in a stressful situation, be it exams, career or environment, the need to find time to be calm is incredibly important and can not only improve overall mental health, but also the orange peel legs. Try to meditate or enjoy time relaxing doing something you love such as reading, walking, painting or spending time with friends. "Me time" really is beneficial!

2. Total Body Fat

Most women, regardless of their size, have some degree of cellulite; it is a natural side effect of being female. We need a certain level of fat in order to reproduce successfully, but sometimes we can have too much and that is what contributes to the cottage cheese look that many of us dread. Ten Causes Of CelluliteHaving more overall body fat than is healthy for our size can mean that a build up occurs, with particular emphasis on legs, bottoms and arms, and this will often result in the appearance of cellulite.
Thankfully, there is something pretty easy you can do that can help reduce the look of cellulite and that is reducing the total body fat you have. It is important to do this in a controlled and healthy way, through sensible eating and regular exercise because yo-yo diets and extreme exercise regimes can mess with your metabolism which also increases cellulite.

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