10 Things You Didn't Know About "Pretty Woman".


10 - $3000

The name has become as iconic as the movie itself, but “Pretty Woman” wasn’t the only title that was being considered by the filmmakers. It was originally going to be called “$3,000.” That was a reference to the cost of hiring the services of Julia Roberts’s character, Vivian, for one week. Vivian and Edward (Richard Gere) negotiate from $300 for an evening to $3,000 for a full week. The executives at the studio were concerned that “$3,000” wasn’t a very clear title. They felt that it gave off the impression that it would be a science fiction movie, and didn’t give audiences a good idea at all of what the film would actually be about. It wasn’t until they managed to secure the rights to Roy Orbison’s chart-topping song, “Oh, Pretty Woman,” to use in the film’s soundtrack that director Garry Marshall and co. settled on the name, “Pretty Woman” .

9 - Julia Roberts's Body Double

Renowned for her work as a body double through the ’80s and ’90s, Shelley Michelle was hired to be Julia Roberts’s body double during filming on “Pretty Woman”. The movie’s much-loved poster of Roberts wearing a pink crop top and Gere in a black suit playfully standing together is actually Shelley Michelle’s body with Roberts’s head edited onto it. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Pretty Woman Michelle has also done body double work for Kim Basinger, Anne Archer, Barbara Streisand, and Yugoslavian royalty Catherine Oxenberg over the years. And she is also reported to have insured her legs for a sizable $1m. Roberts’s head isn’t the only edit on the poster, either. Despite having greying hair throughout the movie, the marketing department promoting the film decided to give Richard Gere’s Edward black hair on the poster, presumably in an effort to match the colour of his hair and his suit, as well as giving him a more youthful appearance.
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