10 Ways To Improve Your Fitness At Home, It’s Easier Than You Think

In the increasingly health-conscious world in which we live, not a day goes by without any number of health and fitness adverts appearing on TV. Healthier eating, workout equipment, the latest fitness dance craze, or discounted membership for the newest gym in town, appear with increasing regularity.
While the latest tub of activated yoghurt may be affordable, buying treadmills or weight machines, or joining a gym is cost prohibitive for many. Yet taking a few minutes out of your busy day, using just a dining room chair, is all you need to take your fitness to a whole new level.
Ease yourself into it:
The kids are at nursery school, beds made, now for a bit of ‘own’ time. Get out that chair. If you enjoy a bit of background music put on your latest CD. Remember though, you’re not doing the exercises to music, so don’t chose anything with a heavy beat.
Keep a bit of space around the chair. This exercise is good for the thighs, triceps, and those gluteus muscles. The ones which give you a firm butt, and help alleviate the sag. All these exercises are designed to be done repetitively, in ‘sets’ or ‘reps,’ as they’re known to the fitness gurus. If your fitness levels are way down, you have certain disabilities, or are a senior, then start slowly, 5 or 10 reps to begin with. If you have a normal fitness level, starting with 20 should be manageable. Sit on the edge of the chair, legs together, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Hands should be holding the edge of the chair and back straight. Squeeze knees, thighs and cheeks together, while pushing down with the hands. You’ll feel the muscles contract and back straighten, ensure your buttocks stay in contact with the chair throughout. Squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax, until you’ve reached your rep total.

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