11 Top Tips For An Ironing Free Life

What could be worse than a huge, untidy pile of creased clothing and household linens waiting to be ironed? An ironing pile is the kind of thing that looks at you with disapproval every time you walk past and no matter whether you're the kind of person who sets aside Sunday afternoons for an ironing marathon listening to the radio, or simply leave your ironing board out permanently to iron your outfit just before you rush out of the door, there is surely something you'd rather use all that ironing time for. These ten tips will help you live an ironing free life and grab back the time you could be spending on something more enjoyable!

1. Tumble Dryer Tips

Ten Top Tips For An Ironing Free Life If you use a tumble dryer to dry your laundry, the tips about removing laundry promptly still apply. Perhaps even more so, as by sitting in a hot container the creases will be being 'ironed' in by your tumble dryer. So be aware of the length of the drying cycle you use, or set a domestic timer to remind you - especially if you're lucky enough to have a laundry or utility room where the sound of the machine is less evident in the background of the general domestic hubbub! Be sure to follow the tips for airing, folding and storing your laundry promptly too. If you have children, perhaps you could get clever and outsource this chore in exchange for pocket money.

2. Smooth With Your Hands

Ten Top Tips For An Ironing Free Life As you hang damp laundry to dry, take a little time to smooth fabric by shaking it out well and use your hands to run across fabric to smooth any crumpled areas - it's much easier while the fibres are damp and pliable. Look out for twisted edges and give them a stretch and pull to straighten them out. It won't take long and means that you will save time in the long run by not needing to iron!

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