12 Captions For Selfies


1. This series of six selfies tells a cautionary tale.

Picture number one is an image of two young people sitting in a car smiling, they don’t seem to have a care in the world. Then there's s a close-up of the speedometer which is showing 180 kilometres an hour. Things get serious in picture number three, the young woman can be seen with blood dripping down her arm and her and the words ‘help’ can been seen across the image. The next image shows the car upside down and totally wrecked. It’s amazing the young lady was able to survive. Moving on to the last picture and the smiles are back, even though the background shows a hospital room. The healing power of the selfie!

2. What are friends for if it’s not to help you spray your teeth silver?

It’s not clear why the young lad wanted to have his teeth painted - maybe he wanted to create a gangsta style or maybe he was trying to look like the James Bond character Jaws. Whatever went through his mind, his mate has obliged by liberally using the content of a car-paint spray can. Hopefully he won’t have poisoned his chum in the process. How many toothbrushes he went through trying to scrub his pearly whites clean again is anyone’s guess!

3. Well, we’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve before, but not wearing your... on your dress!

These two pretty young women seem to be in a queue somewhere quite ordinary, judging by the other people in the background, but the frocks they have on suggest they are off to a fashion show. They are wearing matching white dresses and each one has a large-scale image of female genitalia stitched onto the skirt. Each lady-part has been made from soft, pink fabric and is quite detailed. Quite why they were dressed like this isn't obvious, but no one else was wearing the same gown, so that’s got to be a good thing.
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