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14 Dangerous Of Sea Monsters Pictures


1 - A tiger shark inches towards an unsuspecting kayaker

Along with great white and bull sharks, the tiger shark is one of the most common culprits when humans are attacked by sharks. They lurk in reefs, harbours, canals and shallow waters. These sharks feed on almost anything including fish, seals, turtles, sea snakes, crustaceans, squid, and event dolphins and small sharks. Tiger sharks also prey on land animals and have been known to eat horses, dogs, cats, goats and sheep. They also are known as garbage eaters and are often found with license plates, tires, cans and other manmade objects in their stomachs. Since they approach prey slowly, they are hard to notice until they suddenly attack.

2 - Beautiful yet terrifying – a swimmer escapes a sinkhole in the ocean

When swimming in the ocean, you rarely think the ground beneath you is above to give. Just link sinkholes appear on dry land, they are also known to appear on ocean floors and lakebeds. From a distance, these circular pits of death look like black holes in the ocean. In reality, their dark colour is created due to the depth of the sinkhole contrasting with their shallow sandy surroundings. With a rich array of marine life, these unique spots make for great diving and snorkelling sites. Once of the most famous ocean sinkholes is the Great Blue off the coast of Belize. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the intimidating hole is more than 300 metres (984 feet) across and 124 metres (407 feet) deep.

3 - A fisherman catches an alien-looking, shrimp-like creature

Mantis shrimps were known as sea locusts by ancient Assyrians and prawn killers in Australia. These large crustaceans are known to break through glass in aquariums with a single blow. They spear, sting and dismember their prey with their powerful claws, and inflict painful gashes on people who handle them. Other nasty crustaceans in the ocean include the giant isopod. Looking like a woodlouse or pill bug, they can reach weights of over a kilogram (more than 3 pounds) and measure up to 76 centimetres (30 inches) long. These alien-looking creatures have four sets of jaws that are used to chew their prey.
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