15 Most Awesome Designer Innovations That Captivated Us This Year


1. A window that turns into a balcony

If you want to give your loft a breath of fresh air, consider these rooftop windows that turn into a small balcony. This innovative design not only adds light and air, but it also offers a great view to your home. You can add real value to your property as you enjoy the outside space. These windows open outwards using their top hingesto give extra headroom. They are the quickest way to add ventilation and create a feeling of openness to your roof space. The look of your loft can dramatically change with a rooftop window, and its impact in terms of daylight and view is stunning.

2. A family rocking chair that lets everyone sit together comfortably

This rocking chair is made by Hal Taylor and comes in walnut, curly maple, and other types of woods. The reason it’s so comfortable is because of its flexible back braces. The headrest and braces are designed in such a way that the family members can sit back in a snug and secure manner. This picture shows a father with his children all sitting on the chair reading a book. They are obviously comfortable with the way this chair has been designed as each person has adequate space. The photo shows exactly how the sitters feel as far as comfort is concerned.

3. The special mattress that lets couples cuddle properly

Cuddle Mattress lets couples get close in bed without feeling uncomfortable. The sectioned foam allows partners to sleep in a spoon position without suffering a numb limb. The Iranian creators of this mattress claim that it can strengthen relationships, and they can prove it! The 3-inch wide slats are divided on each side so you won’t feel squashed when your partner is sleeping next to you. Your body is supported by the divided slats as you put your arm on your partner. The designers have also made similar arrangements for anyone who wishes to sleep face-down with their toes pointing down into the mattress. From what we can see on this picture, this couple is sleeping quite comfortable in each other’s arms.
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