16 Photoshop Fails


1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

While trying to amplify your best features isn’t a crime, a photoshop fail this bad should be. When trying to enlarge her chest through photoshop, this hottie made a rookie mistake. Instead of only selecting the area she wanted to enhance, the background snuck in, making it obvious that the photo has been touched up and distracting from what she really wanted everyone to see. On first glance, it’s not so bad. But look a little harder and you’ll see her wonky left arm, stretched out unnaturally. It’s a good try, but no filter can hide this mistake.

2. Just A Little Touch Up

Mirror selfies are a standard practice on social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter — everyone does them and for good reason. They take the selfie to the next level and instead of showing just your face, you can effectively showcase your whole body. But what happens when your physique isn’t up to par? Enter photoshop. In this case, the desire was to bring in the waist and round out the thighs. Unfortunately for this girl, neither her or her friend caught this glaring blunder. Check out the floor behind her and you’ll see it curves to her body. Oops!

3. Big Booty, Big Blunder

Some people are just never satisfied. If you’ve got a great body you should flaunt it, but trying to make it something it isn’t is always bound to fail. Case and point, this photo! I’m sure she looked fine before committing this photoshop fail, but the end result turns a once pretty girl into a laughing stock. I don’t remember doors looking like that. It’s not some cool new design, though. It’s actually the results of this gal trying to expand her behind, but it looks like she got more than she bargained for, expanding everything in the bottom right corner of this pic.
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