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18 Perfectly Timed Photos


1. Eiffel Tower & Construction Crane

Taken from an apartment in the North part of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, near Place Victor Hugo, this photograph gives the illusion that the famed Eiffel Tower is being lifted from the very top by a large crane. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, though. In fact, the Eiffel Tower is quite far away from where the photographer is. With the construction crane in the foreground, the photo was lined up just right to look as though the hook on the end of the crane is attached to the very top of the tower, giving the impression that construction was underway and that the tower was ready to be moved. But don't worry, it's still there!

2. Olympics Rings & the Moon

During the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, photographer Luke MacGregor snapped this unique shot of the Olympic rings hanging above Tower Bridge at night. With the distant moon lined up perfectly, it appears to be the sixth Olympic ring, glowing brightly over London. At just the right distance from the bridge, the moon was the exact same size as the rings, making for a very lucky shot. It’s a perfect example of “right place, right time” and was a flawless companion piece to the already inspiring 30th Olympic Summer Games.

3. Woman Falling Into Pool

It takes skill to capture an event unfold, especially when it happens in the blink of an eye. This photo, however, looks like a truly funny moment caught by accident. Presumably just a friend getting his photo taken at the pool, the background tells a much more interesting story. At the moment this photo was taken, a women was just about to fall backwards into the pool. Judging by the look on her face and body language, it hadn’t sunk in that it was actually happening. She was in deep conversation with two other women, but what she didn’t expect was to soon be deep under water.
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