19 Car Tips You Should Try Out


Get your headlights gleaming again with a household staple you use every day

Driving down an unlit highway at night or in dense fog can be challenging, particularly if the power of your headlights is diminished by a covering of grime. Whatever the driving conditions, headlights pick up splashes of mud and dirty water in wet weather and dust in dry, and suddenly your beam hasn't got quite the intensity and distance it should have. Clean off the dirt with some hot water and then take a cloth, apply some toothpaste to it and polish you headlights until there is no smearing. Your headlight beam will once again be clear and bright.

Create a cooling current of air in your hot car

We have all returned to cars that have been in the sun for too long. Sure, you can turn on the ignition and set the A/C to full blast, but that is just going to increase your fuel consumption. Why not open the front passenger window to the bottom and then open and close the driver's door five or six times. This creates a clever circulation of air with the hot air going out through the driver's door and cold air coming in through the window. Your car will soon be back to a comfortable temperature to sit in again.

Solve your on-board hands free mobile problems for next to nothing

We all know that any mobile use in a moving vehicle should be hands free. Whilst you can buy all kinds of dashboard cradles these can block your view of the road and anyway, sometimes the adhesive just doesn't work as it should. Attaching your mobile phone to the front of your air conditioning grill is an idea position for it to sit in whilst you are driving and you don't need to buy any special gadgets or gizmos. Simply thread a rubber band through the grill and you will find that this will hold your phone securely in position.

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