1970 Fatal Bug On IPhone: All You Need To Know


A fatal bug was recently discovered on the IPhone: according to many reports, if you set the date to 1 January 1970 and restart the phone, it will crash beyond repair. Is this really true? Read through this article to learn everything about this scandal.

How an obscure bug turned into an evil prank

The iPhone 1970 bug was initially reported in a Youtube video by a young man called Zach Straley, who warned people NOT to change the date to January 1st 1970 because it would brick the phone once it's rebooted (at which point it would be stuck in the Apple logo).

In the video on the next page, he shows that it's not likely someone will change the date by accident – since it involves a bit of scrolling on the date/time settings menu. Unless someone is looking to specifically set the date to that day, it's unlikely they'll brick their phone by accident.

Of course… that doesn't mean it is safe, since this vulnerability can be exploited by hackers who may ruin any phone by changing the date remotely.

While the chances of this happening on a massive scale are somewhat low, it's a serious vulnerability without any doubt. To make it worse for everybody, some evil pranksters found a way to make it worse by actually tricking users to change the date and ruin their iPhones.

Soon after this bug became public, some ill-intentioned people came up with the following prank: they claimed there was an Easter egg in the iPhone.1970 Fatal Bug on iPhone: All You Need to Know As the rumor went, if people would change the date to the 1st of January, 1970 it would allegedly activate a vintage logo that would replace the modern iPhone logo on the boot screen. This is where trouble gone mainstream! A lot of users fell for this prank and unwittingly ruined their iPhones trying to activate the supposed Easter egg.

Not very nice, is it? If you fell for this prank or know someone who did, read the second part of this article for possible solutions.


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