20 Female Mugshots: Criminals That Look Like Models.


1. Being Drunk In Public Is Not Angelic

This blonde bombshell is a dead ringer for a young Britney Spears; Her stylish and bold hair style mixed with expertly done, yet subtle make-up makes her look like more of an angel than a criminal. As we know, looks can be deceiving and this sweet looking girl was arrested for being drunk in public. Being Drunk In Public Is Not Angelic Maybe the lip piercing and ear stretchers should give us a little clue as to her unlawful rebellious side. It's a shame that she wasn't in line for a modelling agency rather than in this mug shot line up.

2. Who Needs Cosmetics When You're This Pretty?

This naturally beautiful women doesn't need make-up or high end fashion brands to make her look great; it's a shame that somebody didn't tell her this sooner. Arrested for shoplifting cosmetic items in Nebraska has been a major set back to this lady's potential modelling career. Who Needs Cosmetics When You're This Pretty? Her large and bright doe eyes along with her effortlessly chic hairstyle definitely makes her really stand out from the crowd. She didn't need to steal for luxury items, she could have had them for free as a make-up model; it's sad that such a pretty face will spend a lot of it's time hidden behind bars.

3. From Jay-Walking To The Jailhouse

With absolutely striking features, this Asian women really would be the envy of all of her friends. How the mighty have fallen; this former beauty queen has gone from spending time on the catwalk to doing the 'Jailhouse Rock'. From Jay-Walking To The Jailhouse She was caught stealing a top worth just $69 from Dillard's, meaning that she has found her way onto our model style mug shots list. As if this wasn't enough, upon her arrest the police discovered that she had a string of unpaid parking tickets. This is a stark warning to all aspiring beauty queens out there to stay within the law.
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