21 Stunning Homes Of The Rich And Famous

Be prepared to turn green with envy. Here are 21 homes of the rich and famous which they share with loved ones or use as a bolthole when not schmoozing with moguls around the world.

21 - Gisele and Tom Brady

They might have a chicken coup, but Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady’s Tinsel Town home is no shack. Their 22,000-square feet pad has two wings with 8 bedrooms, a nursery, weight room, wine cellar, a lift, 6-car garage and even a butler’s room.21 stunning homes of the rich and famous No doubt the Brazilian supermodel keeps her killer bod in shape in the lagoon-shaped swimming pool. It even has it’s own moat - great for keeping out uninvited paps and their pesky cameras. As well as looking fabulous, the mansion is also eco-focused, which should be no surprise because Gisele is passionate about protecting the environment.

20 - Taylor Swift

The music superstar stumped up $17.7m – in cash - for her Rhode Island mansion. The fantastic 11,000-square feet waterfront bolthole is set in 5 acres, has 8 bedrooms and at least 10.5 bathrooms.21 stunning homes of the rich and famous It’s a mere 65 feet from the water, but if Taylor doesn’t fancy a dip in the ocean, she can swim in her large pool. It’s reported that she had her eye on the 1930s-built property for several weeks before buying it.

19 - Jerry Seinfeld

The American comedian bought his elegant home in East Hampton, New York for $32 million from rock star Bill Joel in 2000. A princely sum, but chicken feed to Jerry who made it rich after 9 seasons of Seinfeld, the show that made him a household name around the world.21 stunning homes of the rich and famous The house has 24 rooms, including a smoking room and music room - and 24 fireplaces. I guess it gets cold in The Hamptons! Complete with a tennis court and baseball field, the property sits in one of the most sought-after zip codes of the rich and famous, just 100 miles from Manhattan.
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