3 Girls Perform On Stage, But The Middle One Steals The Show: The Audience Can’t Stop Laughing!

Johanna Colón of North Carolina, United States, practiced her choreography for weeks before her big tap recital. Along with her two fellow dancers on her left and right, they give the audience more than they bargained for—people couldn’t help but go crazy!

The Sassy Tap Recital

Performing a tap dance routine set to the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, Johanna and two other dancers took the stage. The audience, full of family and friends, were anxious and excited to see the performance. Johanna’s parents, in fact, were filming the show for posterity. As most parents do, the video would serve as a memory that they can look back on when their daughter is older. But while most parents keep their home videos to themselves, Johanna’s video went viral!
The dance, not unlike many young dance recitals, wasn’t particularly adventurous to begin, but it was Johanna’s sass that had the audience rolling with laughter and cheers. The song to which they were performing the dance is already an anthem for women around the world, and like the title, suggests that those hear it provide some respect, to listen up and take heed. That’s just what the audience did. Johanna had them in the palm of her hand and had total command over the folks looking on, clearly channeling Aretha Franklin herself. With moves that were on time and in sync, Johanna added in her own attitude, complete with finger wags and snaps. While the other two dancers went through the motions, it was Johanna that was running the show.

An Internet Sensation

When her parents uploaded the video to YouTube, they were surprised to find it take off and gain viral status fairly quickly.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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