4 Tips And Tricks For Cleaner And Softer Towels


2. To prevent your towels from smelling musty and damp, hang them in the open air to dry naturally

Once you have finished washing your towels or drying yourself up after shower, it’s important to hang them in the open air to dry well. Moisture will not only make the fabric smell sour, but it also provides breeding ground for bacteria. Always make sure your towels are completely dry after use as this will prevent the formation of bad odours.
We often think that, to achieve softer towels, it’s necessary to use large quantities of detergent. But these detergents tend to accumulate chemicals that will actually prevent the fabric from absorbing water. We have 2 more tricks that will give you better results.

3. Use fabric softener with white vinegar

Although fabric softener won’t necessarily make towels softer, you can combine it with white vinegar for maximum results. Simply add your favourite fabric softener with half a cup of white vinegar to every other wash for smoother, fresher towels.
3. Use fabric softener with white vinegar
Fabric softeners don’t let too much water absorb into the fabric, thus helping them stay softer for longer. These conditioners also protect towels from wear and tear so they retain their fluffiness.
Another helpful tip that will give you fluffy towels is to throw in two or three tennis balls in the tumble dryer whenever your towels need drying up. Tennis balls help fluff up cotton fabrics as well as prevent them from getting wrinkled.

4. If your towels smell like mildew, use essential oils

If you have ever forgotten to unload the washing machine right after washing your towels, then you know what it’s like to end up with damp-smelling towels. This smell can linger on the towels for several days, but there is a way to get rid of it naturally. Add two to three drops of essential oils directly to the detergent section of your washing machine and then, re-start the wash as usual. No more mildew smell! Try these tricks with your next towel wash and see for yourself.

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