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4 Tips And Tricks For Cleaner And Softer Towels

There is perhaps no better feeling than coming out of the shower or bath wrapping up in a soft and fluffy towel. But there are times when towels don’t feel as soft as they should be. This can be due to hard water, which makes them feel rough by leaving traces of minerals on the fabric. The trick is to remove these hard water deposits without causing damage to the towel. If you’re thinking of going to the supermarket to buy expensive chemicals, think again. It’s always best to use natural ingredients in order to get the most benefits. Try these 4 tricks to give you softer, more fragrant towels in no time.

1. Use a vinegar, baking soda and water solution

For fresh smelling towels, there is no need to use chemical softeners as these products can damage your towels. Just a few simple ingredients that are easily available in your home will do the trick. After programming the washing machine for a hot wash, load it with the towels and add a cup of diluted white vinegar.
1. Use a vinegar, baking soda and water solution
At the end of the first wash cycle, repeat the procedure, but this time, replace the vinegar with baking soda. White vinegar contains acetic acid, which helps eliminate bacteria and moisture, while baking soda, helps remove the dirt and neutralise odours. Bear in mind that this technique shouldn’t be used every time you wash your towels. Just once every fortnight would suffice. This trick will also work well on brand new bed sheets that are rough to the touch. Instead of using fabric softener to soften your sheets, it’s best to use white vinegar to soften them up and give them a fresh smell.

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