5 Natural Methods That Will Remove Sweat Stains From Fabrics


Shampoo or washing up liquid

Whoever said washing up liquid can only be used for washing dishes couldn’t be more wrong. Similarly, shampoo isn’t just useful for washing hair. These products have multiple uses, one of them being the elimination of perspiration rings from clothes.
Shampoo or washing up liquid
Any brand that you find in the supermarket will do the trick, but it’s best to choose a mild formula that won’t be too harsh on the fabric. To remove the sweat stains from clothes, soak the garment in cold water and add half a cup of washing up liquid or shampoo to the water. Leave the solution overnight in order to fully absorb into the stains, without rubbing. The next morning, remove the garment and rinse it thoroughly with warm water. There should be no sweat marks left.


If you have a bottle of vodka at home, don’t just drink it. You can use it to remove sweat stains from your clothes. Here is how to do it: take a spray bottle and pour a glass of vodka in it. Add lukewarm water and shake the solution for a few seconds until the water and vodka are mixed properly. Now start spraying the stained areas of the garment with the compound. Let the solution absorb into the fabric for 5 minutes before washing it with warm water. You can also gently rub the solution on the stained area, but make sure you do this gently. Finally, place the fabric in the washing machine with the usual detergent.
The above 5 solutions are some of the best methods for removing yellow stains. However, the choice is yours based on which product you have in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. To decide which remedy works best for your clothes, you could try each one separately.
To prevent sweat marks in the first place, use aluminum-free deodorants. When the protein that's found in your sweat comes in contact with the deodorant, it creates a yellow stain. There are many roll-on products on the market that help prevent perspiration, some of which contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, or witch hazel. Now that you've found the solution to eliminate and prevent sweat marks, you can start wearing your favourite shirts in confidence.

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