5 Reasons Why Marriages End


1 - Infidelity is a major cause of marriage breakdown

There are many reasons why couples cheat. Perhaps because one is looking for extra attention outside of the marriage or the affection is no longer there. Although some couples forgive infidelity and move on, some spouses choose to end the relationship due to lack of trust. When a marriage has ended because of cheating, the emotional and sexual aspect of it no longer thrills the couple so they opt for divorce. People assume that extra-marital affairs are one of the main reasons why marriages fail. Contrary to popular belief, only about 5 per cent of infidelity actually ends in divorce. While it may not be the primary cause of a relationship dying, it is still life destroying for both parties. When one of the partners enters a new relationship, he or she typically finds it difficult to regain trust and move forward.

2 - Becoming estranged and unsupportive

Marriage is a partnership that needs to be worked on. A major reason for divorce is when a couple grow apart. This often happens when one spouse decides that he or she no longer wants the same things in life as their husband or wife. In order to make the relationship work, it takes compromise, sacrifice, and much effort. If you marry someone with a different background socially, then you may not be doing yourself any justice. You won’t be able to grow to your full potential if your chosen partner has different goals and dreams for the future. Many marriages have failed because spouses weren’t allowed to reform their social ties and friendships with the people they used to know. If your attitude to life goals is the same as your partner, you are more likely to have a successful marriage. As the saying goes ‘opposites attract’ but those type of couples may not live together in peace and harmony ‘til death do them part.
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