6 Ways To Decorate A Garden With Stones

Six of the most popular ways to decorate a garden with stones are as follows:

1 - Create a stepping-stone path

As a warm and natural part of our landscape, stones are a wonderful adornment to any garden, adding almost unlimited colour and flair. A stepping-stone path gives structure and flow to a garden. It can link two areas, such as a terrace and a pond, connect lawns, or just provide ease of passage in the garden. Additionally, a stone path can help disguise a patchy lawn or protect the grass in areas of heavy footfall. Equally at home on gravel and grass, a stone path should be evenly spaced to suit an average person's stride length and larger, flatter stones are more suitable. Sandstone slabs are great for stepping-stones as they not only have a fairly flat surface but also a patterned surface area, which gives increased visual definition. Sandstone isn’t always a uniform thickness, though, so a path for the less sure-footed garden-goers could be Cotswold or Yorkshire stone, providing a smoother tread.

2 - Decorate a flowerbed, or a barren/unsightly area

Just as there are hundreds of different plants for a garden, so there are many types of rocks and stones, ranging from pebbles and shells straight from the beach to large mountainous boulders. Use the wonderful array of stones and rocks to liven up a flowerbed, vegetable or fruit area and also borders, creating a strong visual contrast to plants and flowers by adding structure and variety. Stones and rocks can also help to define the shape of a bed and its boundaries. If there's barren areas or places where it’s difficult to grow things, these awkward places can easily be disguised with rocks and stones. Boulders can act as a natural barrier to block or screen off areas of the garden that are better hidden. They’re also good as a deterrent for areas not to be entered or for blocking an unsightly view outside of a boundary.

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