6 Ways To Unclog Kitchen Sink Using Common Household Items


1 - Boiling water Will Clear Minor Blockages

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward tricks that you can use to clear out blocked pipes in your kitchen sink. It's only effective with minor blockages, but since it's simple enough you should try it before using one of the more aggressive recipes in this list. Even though this method is generally safe, you should be careful not to use this if your plumbing is made of very thin plastic, which can get damaged with the boiling water – especially in the initial tract before the siphon. If those pipes look reasonably sturdy to withstand some boiling water, just drop it into the sink and it should clear the way.

2 - Caustic Soda Does the Trick, But It's Not Always Right

Sodium hydroxide, also known as Caustic soda (or lye) is a traditional chemical used to clear water pipes… but it's not suitable for all piping materials. Keep in mind, that stuff is very corrosive and will melt right through some types of metal – especially Tin, Zinc and Aluminum, in which case it will add insult to injury by producing a flammable gas while it melts the pipe. It doesn't melt plastic though, so it's usually safe on modern piping. Caustic soda is extremely efficient in dissolving common piping blockages, but it can also burn your skin – so you need to be careful while handling it. Just pour it into the sink and run some cold water through until it disappears into the pipe, but watch out for splatters while doing so.

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