7 Tips And Tricks For Frying Food Without Leaving Bad Smells.


1. Use some peanut butter

Perhaps the strangest trick to eliminate smells when frying's to use a spoonful of peanut butter in your frying pan. The proteins and healthy oils in peanut butter are a great odour-buster. All you need to do is place the peanut butter in the frying pan while you cook and it will absorb the odours. If you're worried that the peanut butter will mix in with your frying food and taint the taste, the trick is to keep it on the edge of the pan. If you're really concerned about the danger of your food tasting of peanut butter, you can fry the peanut butter in the same pan after your food has cooked and it'll still absorb the smells that were released while you were frying. Be aware that peanut butter's not good in cooking or in the atmosphere for anyone who suffers with a nut allergy.

2. Invest in a deep fat fryer

If you pan fry everything, consider switching to use a deep fat fryer with a lid to fry your food. Close the lid when frying, as this will keep all unpleasant smells inside the fryer, rather than escaping into your kitchen. It's dangerous to leave the lid open with the possibility of burns, not to mention escaping fumes. Ensure the oil in your fryer's no higher than the maximum level indicated inside. Fill the fryer's basket with the food of your choice and close the lid before you lower the food into the hot oil. A fryer lid's a costly and complex part of the machine, which the manufacturer wouldn't supply if it wasn't unnecessary for a variety of purposes, such as user safety and odour reduction. You only have to read the fryer's manual to be made aware of the valuable benefits of frying with a deep fat fryer, including fewer bad smells!

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