8 Alternative Uses Of Baking Paper


1) Create a makeshift kitchen funnel.

The kitchen funnel is an important domestic item that tends to get lost in the bottom of drawers or at the back of cupboards. When the need arises to pour liquid or dry granular material into narrow openings while avoiding spillage and no funnel is at hand it is possible to create one using parchment paper. While conventional paper would disintegrate if it came into contact with liquids baking paper is treated with paraffin which makes it a waterproof material suitable for constructing kitchen funnels. Cut the parchment paper into a triangle, move the bottom right triangle tip near to the apex and fix with sticky-tape before curving the bottom left tip to the base line and fixing with more sticky-tape while ensuring the hole is wide enough to allow the unobstructed passage of granular materials and minimising gaps by wrapping the baking paper tight. An alternative method is to fold the parchment paper into four, cut a curve down one side, unfold to reveal a three-quarters circular shape, roll into a cone and seal with sticky-tape.

2) Keep scented candles fragrant for longer.

Scented candles are an excellent addition to any home, combining the warm flickering glow of firelight with a heady fragrance that fills the room, although when these items are stored over long periods the perfumed wax can lose its aroma. Scented candles, usually made from a paraffin-based wax, are imbued with various aromatic compounds during the manufacturing process that are typically derived from the chemicals that provide flowers, fruits and spices with their distinctive fragrances. The perfume molecules are released from the wax when the candle-flame evaporates and ignites the wax, allowing he aromatic compounds diffuse as a gas throughout the room. The fragrant molecules in scented wax escape over time without lighting the wick and the longer the candle remains in storage the more its aroma is depleted. Wrapping scented candles in baking paper helps trap aromatic compounds in the wax, preserving its scent for longer, and can prevent structural damage such as scrapes and scratches.

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