8 Ways To Keep Your Washing Machine Smelling Fresh And Cleaning Perfectly


1 - Don't Overdo the Detergent

It might seem to be a bit of a contradiction, but putting too much detergent into a washing machine will not make it cleaner - in fact, quite the opposite. Your washing machine only uses so much water during a cycle, and this water is only enough to dissolve a certain amount of detergent - and this is especially the case if you're using washing powder rather than a liquid. Any amount of detergent that isn't used during the wash will begin to build up, forming deposits in the nooks and crannies of your machine - or, even worse, in the outflow hoses which are very difficult to reach and clean. These deposits can over time become mouldy, slimy, and smelly, which will contaminate your wash every time if you don't clean them away. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the amount of powder or liquid to use, and if in doubt, use a little less than the recommended measure. This will save you money as well as helping to keep your washing machine cleaner!

2 - Consider Rinsing or Soaking Very Dirty Clothes

Despite the wonders of modern technology, the average domestic washing machine is not built for extremely dirty loads. Unlike commercial washers, a home machine will struggle with trying to wash exceptionally soiled clothes. Consider for example a sports kit that is caked in mud: not only will this dirt add extra weight to the load, putting pressure on the mechanism and maybe shortening its life, it will make the water in the machine dirty in itself. This will stop the machine cleaning other garments properly, but the dissolved mud will also find its way into the seals and so on of your machine and start to rot, contaminating future washes as well. If you need to wash a very dirty load, then give the garments a soak in the sink or bath first before rinsing off the worst of the soiling, leaving the machine to concentrate on the final clean.

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