9 Ways To Permanently Rid Your Home Of Spiders And Cockroaches

However much you love wildlife, cockroaches and spiders are likely to be extremely unwelcome guests if they move into your home. For heavy infestations, you might need the services of a professional pest control expert, but in less serious situations you can often deal with the problem yourself, even without using any harsh and harmful pesticides that can be a danger to children and household pets. You might think it extremely unlucky if you have problems with both spiders and cockroaches at the same time, but this is a more common occurrence than you might think - spiders will eat baby roaches, and adult roaches love to feast on spiders, so both pests can provide a living larder for each other and soon breed in huge numbers to take over your home! Read on to find the best, most natural ways of dealing with these pesky domestic intruders.

1 - Spray Your Home with Mint Solution

Both spiders and cockroaches hate the strong smells of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus and so on. Make a weak to medium solution of water mixed with the essential oils of these plants - or if you have the wild plants themselves in your garden use them instead. Spay this mixture with a fine garden mister around the areas of your home where you have problems with the pests - common places include hidden corners, behind heaters, cracks in floorboards and so on. The strong smelling mint will deter new spiders and cockroaches from entering your home, and will strongly encourage any pests that are already resident to pack their bags and look for alternative accommodation. For added effectiveness, place a small saucer of anti-bacterial mouthwash which contains alcohol somewhere near where cockroaches congregate. Any bug foolhardy enough to take a sip of this mixture will soon begin to feel very ill indeed.

2 - Deter Bugs with Apple Cider Vinegar

Another spray solution which is very effective is apple cider vinegar, made up and used in a similar way to the mint sprays above. Spiders absolutely detest the odour of strong vinegar - so make sure your apple cider vinegar is of a concentrated type rather than a weak one - and will quickly try to set up home in a less odorous location, preferably well away from your house. Any type of vinegar can be used, but most people will find the smell of apple cider vinegar more appealing than a harsher malt vinegar for example. Cockroaches too are less than keen on the fumes given off by vinegar, but the real benefit of vinegar for getting rid of these bugs is to thoroughly clean the surfaces of food detritus that roaches love to feast on, and to make any remaining roach food taste disgusting to them. The less easy tasty food that's lying around, the less likely roaches are to hang around for their free lunch.

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