A 7 Year Old Makes The Ultimate Life Sacrifice


Nature's Laws

By nature, humans are animals. Were are primal beings designed for survival, to pass on our genes and be part of the continuation of our race. Animals live by the law of nature and the overarching need to protect ourselves. Animals are meant to be selfish creatures. We are meant to put ourselves and our young above the welfare of all others, no matter the cost.

Things aren't so Clear Cut

But sometimes, someone changes it all. Someone proves we are different. Someone makes an amazing and selfless choice forcing us to question our place in the world, if we really are as close to animals as nature wanted. But what are we if we're not animals?

We Are More

Through the actions of one young boy, the human race can see we are in fact more than the creatures we walk the Earth with. Our minds are more complex than all other animals. Our hearts carry so much more compassion.

Chen Xiatian

Chinese boy, Chen Xiatian, at only 7 years old, understood what it meant to be human. He understood what it meant to love and be selfless and to care for others. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save another without any chance of reward or a thank you. Chen Xiatian was an incredible young man who defied the laws of nature.


Chen Xiatian grew up in a household built on honour and respect. His family taught him love and compassion. His parents and grandparents carried huge hearts they used to cherish Chen and teach him strength. It was his family home that forged his core values. It laid the foundations for a kind and selfless human. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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