A Bizarre Wedding Ring Inscription, Never To Be Forgotten.


An unusual wedding message

If you were choosing an engraving for a wedding ring for your future wife or husband-to-be, what kind of romantic inscription would you go for? Tradition says that it should be something loving and romantic, to inspire memories of your special day and the affection you share, reminding you of your significant other that you’ll love them forever through thick and thin. Maybe something like ‘I love you' or just a simple ‘Forever' would be appropriate? Of course, not everyone wants to stick with tradition when they get married. People have unconventional weddings, choosing odd places and unusual ceremonies to tie the knot. This was very much the case with 29-year-old Amanda, a woman with a strong sense of humour and perhaps some healthy jealousy when it comes to protecting her future husband and her impending marriage.
Amanda’s amusing story harks back to the day she tied the knot with Dan and chose a very unusual inscription for his wedding ring, just so he could never forget the vows he made to her on their wedding day. Amanda and Dan got married 5 years ago, but even today their friends talk about the moment when Amanda revealed her very special message to 30-year old Michigan man Dan, via his wedding ring. Unlike conventional brides, Amanda wanted to have a bit of a laugh on her wedding day, even though she knew what she’d done would stay with Dan forever. Behind the giggles, there was a serious message for Dan, because Amanda had engraved on the inside 'Put it back on'!!

The private joke that went viral

Amanda’s goal was to write something original on Dan’s ring that was really going to stick in his mind. ‘Put it back on’ was designed to remind Dan to wear his ring in all circumstances, even if he needed to take it off in all innocence, such as to do some DIY.
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