A Couple's Harmony Starts In The Bed.

Most couples who live together sleep in the same bed every night. Sharing a bed can cause one person or both people to have disturbed sleep, and this can impact the relationship if not dealt with sympathetically. There are a few common issues shared with many couples, but these can be addressed with a little planning and some compromise.

10 - Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

A Couple's Harmony Starts In The Bed Most people, for no particular reason, have a side of the bed where they feel more comfortable. Not sleeping on their favourite side can cause them to have a restless night, they may travel over to the other side in their sleep and they may even fall out of bed completely. So discuss who sleeps on which side and stick to it. Problems can arise if you both choose the same side, so this needs to be worked out amicably. Each of you should give the new side a try and see who adapts the easiest, or you could also try changing the room about a bit - move the bed to a different part of the bedroom if that is possible, or move the furniture which is next to the bed and see if that helps. Work it out so that both of you are happy and comfortable.

9 - Pillow talk

Once you have established a side of the bed to call your own, consider the pillows you each have. Everyone has their own pillow preference, some like two or three, others like a single one, and a number of people like a particular pillow case fabric under their heads. A Couple's Harmony Starts In The BedThen there’s the filling, do you like a feather one or a memory foam one? There isn't a right or wrong pillow preference, so you should each make your side of the bed perfect for your own needs - it is unfair to dictate to the other how they should sleep so don't do it. If you want the bed to look pretty and coordinated, then choose one or two ‘show’ pillows to place over the top of the more functional ones instead of compromising a comfortable sleep for looks.
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