A Fiat 500 With A Ferrari Engine

A Fiat 500 equipped with a Ferrari engine: though it seems like an elaborate joke, it’s actually real. The team behind the project, and the ones responsible for transforming this small car into the fireball it is, were the mechanics at Oemmedi ( The modifications are obvious, of course, and at first glance it is hard to recognize the 500 under all the the upgrades, yet it’s all there.
The style of the Fiat 500 with the 550 horsepower engine is very particular and won’t appeal to all fans, but they certainly can’t help but admire it from the point of view of the mechanics. A automotive work of art, the 4.5 litre V8 engine is totally derived from a Ferrari and usually seen installed in a Ferrari 458 Italia.
It isn’t just a minor upgrade either. The motor is capable of providing a peak power of 550 horsepower: an outstanding feat when considering that it’s just 20 horses less than those made available by the engine in the 458 Italia.
Cleary, in order to adapt a motor so powerful in a vehicle so small, there needed to be some alterations made. For instance, the length of the 500 was elongated by 20 cm, more or less, while the V8 transmission was slightly shortened. With regard to the dimensions of the city car, the only modifications in size were the distance between the rear axle and the front, as the designer was forced to narrow them: 200 mm on the front and 300 mm at the rear.
The question now becomes, how is it possible that a car so small can show such excellent road handling, taking into account the enormous size of the engine mounted under the hood? Given that the rear axle shaft is equal to that of the 458 Italia, with the only change being the reservoir, which, for reasons of safety and space, has been altered in size, the true secret of the 500 with a Ferrari engine is represented by two ballasts on the front and middle to give it weight to keep it down.
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