A Grieving Woman Yells At A Six-year-old Child. Four Weeks Later, She Is Sorry

Sometimes, we are so caught up with our own problems that we do not realize that people around us may be ill. Here's how a little girl opened the eyes (and heart) of one woman.
I met her on a beach near my home. She was building a sandcastle and when she looked up at me I was struck by her sea-blue eyes.
"Hello!" she said. I responded with a nod, not wanting to be disturbed by a small child. "I'm building," she said. “I love to touch the sand". Good idea, I thought, and took off my shoes. A sandpiper glided near us. "My mum says that these birds bring happiness," said the girl. The bird rose in flight. "Good-bye joy, hello sadness", I whispered. I was depressed, my life had no meaning.
"What's your name?" the little girl persisted.
"My name is Ruth Petersen," I said.
"I’m Wendy and I’m six ".
"Hi, Wendy," I said.
Chuckling, she told me: "You're funny."
Despite my depression, I was able to laugh at myself and walked away while her laughter followed me.
"Come back soon, Ruth, so we can spend another happy day."
The weeks passed with stress, commitments and my mother seriously ill. On impulse one morning, I said, "I need a sandpiper!". At the beach, I sought the peace and contentment I needed. I had forgotten the child and was startled when she appeared.
"Hello! Want to play?" she asked.
I was annoyed as I had wanted to be alone. "Where do you live?" I asked.
"Over there," he said, pointing toward a row of holiday cottages.
Strange, I thought, in winter. "Where do you go to school?".
"I don’t go to school, we're on holiday." She chatted away throughout our walk on the beach, but my mind was elsewhere. When I said goodbye, Wendy told me it had been a very happy day and I agreed: I felt much better.
Ruth loses her temper with Wendy.
Three weeks later when I went to the beach, I was not in the mood to chat. "If you don’t mind," I said to Wendy as she was coming towards me, "I'd rather be alone today." CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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