A Lucky Escape From The Horror On Our Streets.


A social experiment

Every parent knows their biggest fear's that something bad might happen to their child, although they might not realise just how close they are to the dangers on our streets in day-to-day life. Every year, children become victims of crime and perhaps the worst of all crimes against children and those committed by paedophiles. The news is full of stories of how paedophiles are being tracked and caught on a regular basis, even those who try to cover their tracks by operating covertly. However, many dangers to children prevail and to expose the risks on our streets, one Youtube channel, DennisCeeTv, decided to run an experiment to see what people's reactions would be to a lost 10-year old little girl.
What happened next was captured on video which has gone viral, with already 6 million views. The video captures the plight of the lost child as well as the average reactions of a broad spectrum of the population who encounter her. Unfortunately in today's society it's a regular occurrence to see people wandering the streets sitting on pavements and begging, even children. They might think lost children are part of wider criminal gangs trying to exploit the generosity and gullibility of the general public to get money. They might even fear that their kindness could lead to an ambush, attack or robbery. Sadly this often means that those in real need who aren't trying to scam people are the last to get help when in crisis.

The chilling outcome

When watching the video, it's important to bear in mind that it's completely staged, but the people who are being asked for help don't know this! The goal was to see the reactions of people from various walks of life. So the little girl from the film team goes out into her local city alone. She bravely approaches people, telling them she's lost her mum, asking for their help. She's quite an articulate and pleasant little girl and dressed just as any normal child would be.
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