A Moving Story… This Hidden Camera Reveals The Sad Secrets Of A 98 Year Old

This story is about a lovely old lady is named Mary who is 98 years old. She lives alone in her small house where she desperately tries to pass the time each day. On any given summer’s day, the leaves whisper in the wind, the birds chirp and the neighbours chat on the terrace, but Mary remains stuck inside, trapped between the four walls of her home. In order to keep her busy throughout the week, every day a small bus stops outside her door and takes Mary to the nearby seniors centre. It’s here that she can interact with others and escape and forget, even if just for a little while, her disconsolate life. On this particular day, however, there is something new: a television crew is visiting with their cameras in tow and this makes Mary perk up with enthusiasm.

Seniors Are Not So Different

In the senior centre, we try in every way possible to make sure that the elderly have fun and live each day fully. ”I always hope that if they go home and the next day they are unable to return because they have gone to a better life, then you can say that their last day was still full of joy”, says an employee at the senior centre. When the television crew asked her why she considers her work to be important, she simply replied, “because they are still alive. They are not so different from when they were younger”. When the bus arrives to take Mary from the senior centre back to her house, the sadness is visible in Mary’s eyes. At home she is lonely. The crew, however, want to know why exactly she lives alone in her home, she replied, sadly, “what can I do? Where can I go? I am alone. I can barely see, I’m virtually deaf and I cannot live with my grandchildren. They have their families…”. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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