A Photo That Highlighted The Fate Of Nigerian Children


The infamous photo of a starving Nigerian boy has been doing the rounds on the internet for the past several weeks. Hope is the name of the child found in the streets of Nigeria by Anja Ringgren Loven, a humanitarian volunteer worker. The two-year-old was abandoned to fend for himself in the streets. He was found extremely malnourished and without clothes. The photo taken was of Anja giving water and biscuits to Hope. Anja took the time to explain what the photo was about.

Abandoned Children

Nigeria has a lot of superstitions, and some of them revolve around black magic and witchcraft. Anyone suspected of being a witch faces punishment from the rest of the community. Children are not spared of the stigma and suspicion. A child thought to be a witch is usually beaten and left to die.

Anja has dedicated her time to rescuing these children. In January, she received a call informing her for a 2-year old that was on the streets and immediately went to help. Anja explains that a boy of that age cannot last long in the streets alone. The malnourished child had to get a blood transfusion to stabilise his condition. He was doing better after two days. Anja is personally taking care of the boy and says that seeing him play with her child is of great joy.


Providing Care

Hope is not the first child that Anja has rescued from the streets of Nigeria. She goes on to explain that in the course of her humanitarian work, she has come across beaten, dead, or terrified children. Her foundation seeks to provide basic needs, including education to these children. Abandonment can cause lifelong trauma to a child, and that is why they need all the care they can get. By taking them in, Anja’s foundation gives the children hope for the future.

Saving the Children

Anja started the ACAEDF (African Children’s Aid Education Development Foundation) three years ago.
She sold everything she owned and moved to Nigeria to start charity work. Her inspiration to do this came when she visited Nigeria and encountered children accused of witchcraft and black magic, who had been beaten and abandoned. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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