Acupressure Points- Pressing Down On The Weight Problem


Battle of the bulge

Aches and pains are part and parcel of everyday life. While arthritis and rheumatism are common complaints, many people don't realise that their ongoing pain plight can have a lot to do with body mass and excessive weight gain. It's natural to gain pounds especially as we approach our middle years, hence the term middle age spread. Weight gain has adverse effects on the major organs and how they perform. Acupressure points- pressing down on the weight problem It's a well-documented fact that stressful lifestyles, emotional turmoil and other crisis' like an untimely death or loss can make us reach for fatty foods that do nothing but complicate matters further. Sadly, we all know too well, how hard it is to shift extra pounds. Fad diets, food programmes and slimming aids are all very well but prevention is nearly always better than an actual cure.

Learning about stressful triggers

Before buying a pile of diet and exercise books and causing yourself an unnecessary injury, it's important to know what things make us eat more. Stressful situations that lead to anxiety send alarm signals to our brain. Our immediate response is to calm the nervous system by ingesting high-concentrated carbohydrates or sugar-laden goodies that give us a quick hit. The problem with these foods is that they contain very little nutrients and minerals and the quick hit is usually followed by a dip in mood and activity. Fast food works in much the same way; it makes us feel full, but the fatty content tends to bind and stay put, especially as we grow older and our metabolic rate begins to slow down. Identifying stressful triggers can be hugely helpful when it comes to stubborn weight gain, however there are other natural treatments that go a long way towards achieving a realistic goal and acupressure is one of them.

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