After Being Told She Had A Perfect Body, She Posts Realistic Pictures On Facebook

Kimberley Henderson is an American singer who is 26 years old and has four children. Embracing the beauty of pregnancy, this intrepid female has recently posted a picture on the social media site Facebook which displays the effects of pregnancy upon her body. While exhibiting a "relaxed" tummy and numerous stretch marks, Ms. Henderson states that the numerous "likes" which she receives allow her to forget about slight slight imperfections. She also believes that such a statement reflects the natural beauty that is always a part of childbirth; it should be embraced as opposed to shunned and covered up. This is a view that is not often seen on the majority of social media sites. After Being Told She Had a Perfect Body, She Posts Realistic Pictures on Facebook It is still an unfortunate (and ironic) fact that despite several pregnancies, there are countless women who have taken seemingly perfect "selfies" shared on the web; if only to keep the compliments coming as opposed to displaying true images of their bodies. Very rarely are stretch marks or a distended abdomen shown although these are both quite normal after the delivery of a child. So, Ms. Henderson decided to visually "share" her secret to no less than 180,000 Facebook fans. This was intended to add a bit of realism into what has otherwise proven to be a rather "plastic" display of beauty across multiple social media sites.
As opposed to other more common self portraits, she displayed one which showed obvious signs of stretch marks and added post-birth weight. Of course, this should be considered only natural after having given birth to an impressive four children. Below the photo, she explained her reasoning behind the brave post:
"I have always complimented my perfect body after four children. I decided to upload this picture because I struggled to accept the signs of pregnancy."
She went on to further explain that she enjoys regular physical activity and exercise. However, she does this do feel healthy as opposed to trying to obsessively eliminate a flabby belly and stretch marks in an unreasonable manner.
"Whenever I am awakened by four beautiful smiley faces (Facebook "likes", I remember that it is worth it to have these imperfections on my body."
Currently, her inspirational post has been shared by more no less than 10,000 individual viewers and fans. Kimberley hopes that her pictures can help to inspire mothers of all ages. She believes that this motivation will influence them to pursue a healthy lifestyle as opposed to obsessing over a "perfect" shape after giving birth. Becoming a mother is one of the most unforgettable experiences in the world and any such "imperfections" should rather be viewed as a symbol of the immense love that a woman has for her child.

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