After The Man Dies The Nurses See...


The crisis of an aging population

Many old people end their days in nursing homes across the world, with no friends or family, or at least nobody to care for them in the way they’d need to keep their independence and stay in their own homes. This is the story of one old man seeing out his life in a home, the typical stereotype of old people we have in our minds, known amongst the nursing staff as aged and rather grumpy. He had no real connection with the staff who cared for him at all, but still held onto the hope, as many old people in his situation do, that one day someone would come to visit him, or at least call him on the phone for a chat and to see how the was. Thousands of old people find themselves in this anxious situation as they cling to the last threads of life. This particular old man ended his days alone and bitterly disappointed, dying in the home that had become his prison in his twilight years.
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