Airline Antics - Ten Things About Flying That You'd Rather Not Know


Dinner on board

Flight attendants readily admit that they are prone to eating passenger meals when said passengers fall asleep. They also report a reluctance to rush around with prepared food because of the work load involved. The advice here is to eat what's given you first time around, lest there's nothing left later.
Airline antics - ten things about flying that you'd rather not know

Mobile phones

We all know the rules; turn off all mobile phones, laptops, devices etc. It may interfere with aeroplane controls and navigational equipment. Well not exactly, as air stewards and hostesses frequently use their own when we're not looking. It's a bit of a double standard, isn't it?


Toilets on aircraft are cramped at best and many of us fear being walked in on by an unsuspecting passenger or flight attendant. Just remember that although you may feel safe when you slide the lock across, the door is designed to open from the outside in an emergency. So, you've no privacy one way or another.

Pilot Napping

Upon interview in a recent survey on some European countries, pilots have admitted to sleeping on the job. If the flight is a long-haul, pilots are allowed designate resting periods while the other takes control of the plane. This is slightly less terrifying than the reality which occurs on a regular basis. Due to time constraints and lack of sleep, pilots can and do nod off while manning a plane.
Airline antics - ten things about flying that you'd rather not know

Exit doors

All emergency exit doors have hold-on handles and they're not there for passenger convenience. These are installed for flight attendants safety in case there's a mad rush on the exit doors and they get thrown aside or are trampled in the surge. It's a relief to know really, isn't it now?
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