Airline Antics - Ten Things About Flying That You'd Rather Not Know


Pillows and blankets

If you find yourself on a long-haul flight, you might consider bringing your own pillow and blanket because the ones on offer mightn't be too hygienic. In real time, planes have to reach destinations in a restrictive allotted time. Hence, they are not washed and not new. This may explain why we pick up sore throats, flues and colds straight after being on an aeroplane.
Airline antics - ten things about flying that you'd rather not know

Contaminated water

Recently the Wall Street Journal ran a test on water samples from fourteen separate flights. The results showed bacteria contamination way above the norm. Toilet ports also run parallel to water containers which can all be handled by the same stewardess. Therefore, bottled water is highly recommended.

Oxygen masks

Oxygen masks are compulsory in all aircraft, but no-one wants to think about ever having to actually use them. If they do descend by accident give them a clean with a disinfectant wipe. It will take your mind off the fact that they only give you fifteen minutes worth of oxygen.
Airline antics - ten things about flying that you'd rather not know

In-cabin meals

In-cabin meals for passengers can differ from the pilot's menu. It's not a compulsory rule but many airlines choose to feed pilots different meals in case of an outbreak of food poisoning. This is to safeguard the pilots and the plane as passengers can't fly it. Still, makes you wonder what's in the food we're given?

Engine air

The air you breathe on an aeroplane is compressed air only. This means it's generated through the engines and not fresh. This may also go in some way to explain why so many people fall prone to coughs and chest infections straight after a long flight. There's not a lot you can do about it either.
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