Allison June And Amelia Lee Tucker - The Duet Of Hope


Allison and Amelia Tucker

Allison and Amelia Tucker are the daughters of Shellie and Greg Tucker. They are conjoined twins who are fused together at the chest and abdomen. The parents, who live in Adams, New York, can still recall being given the bad news that the expected twins were conjoined when Shellie was just five months pregnant.
Allison June and Amelia Lee Tucker - the duet of hope
At the time, the couple already had a son named Owen. Their obstetrician painted a painful picture of the odds of the twins surviving. He advised them both to consider a termination as he didn't see successful surgery for separation being an option in the future. The pair decided to go to another hospital and get a second opinion and it was then they decided that they were going ahead with the birth as another doctor confirmed surgery was a possibility.

A success story

The first eight months of the conjoined twin's lives was spent waiting at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, while an eminent team of forty doctors prepared for the difficult and risky surgical procedure. One of the doctors, Dr. Holly Hedrick described how they practised the delicate surgical incisions on two dolls.
Allison June and Amelia Lee Tucker - the duet of hope
Shellie and Greg Tucker agonized over their decision to opt for the life-threatening operation, as it was high-risk and the chances of success were very slim. On November the 7th 2012, the girls underwent a seven hour long operation and it was 100% successful. The adorable twins have gone from strength to strength since and appeared in videos that have won the hearts of well-wishers from across the world. The work carried out by the team of surgeons was nothing short of miraculous and the story has brought hope to many other parents who have conjoined twins. We wish all involved a happy, peaceful and healthy future.
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