Amazing Weight Loss Secret With One Teaspoon Daily

The aromatic Cuminum Cyminum has been a staple food in Mexico, India and North Africa for many years. The spice has a peppery taste and can add warmth and a nutty flavour to food. Cuminum Cyminum is a native Egyptian herb and forms a key ingredient in curry powders and other chilli powders. It not only adds flavour to food, but recent studies have confirmed that cumin may also help in burning off fat. Weight loss is a topic that has been addressed in different ways and many professionals have offered remedies ranging from medical solutions to different types of workouts. Cuminum Cyminums works in a natural way to help the body burn the extra fat for faster weight loss.
A study conducted on 88 overweight women was used to prove the effectiveness of Cuminum Cyminum. The researchers divided the women into two random groups. Each group was exposed to a reduced calorie diet and was issued nutritional counselling. One of the groups took yogurt mixed with three grams of cumin twice each day, while the other group used plain yogurt (control group).
Three months later, those who were eating cumin in their yogurt lost as much as 50% more weight than the group that was taking plain yogurt. The results also showed they lost body fat by 14.4%, about three times more than the control group.
Tests on body mass index revealed that the women who were eating cumin lowered their weight and their waist circumference became smaller. In comparison to the group that took plain yogurt, they performed better within those three months. Triglycerides also dropped by 23 points compared to five points achieved by the control group. LDL cholesterol levels also further dropped ten points than the control group, which achieved only one point.
According to researchers, the weight loss benefits displayed by cumin could be as a result of the heat generated by the spice. This temporarily increases metabolism and coupled with the cholesterol lowering effect of Cuminum Cyminum, the weight loss process is accelerated. Cuminum Cyminum also contains glycoside saponins, which prevent cholesterol absorption while increasing its excretion.

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